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house in foreclosure for sale

Selling Your Home To Avoid Foreclosure

Foreclosure. For a lot of homeowners, there isn’t a dirtier word than “foreclosure.” It’s the kind of phrase that some are scared to say out loud, lest you bring it upon yourself. For others, a home foreclosure might sound like an impossible thing, that is, until a few problems pop up and all of a … Continued

a woman hoping to sell her house as is in Massachusetts

Selling Your House As-Is in Massachusetts

So you’re thinking about selling your Massachusetts house but know you have your work cut out for you to get the house ready to list. You’ve been putting off replacing the roof, getting that crack in the foundation looked at, and figuring out why your faucet periodically leaks. No worries, we get it!  A study … Continued

Condo for sale without a realtor in Massachusetts

Selling A Condo Without A Realtor

If you’re considering making a move and selling your condo in Massachusetts, you’ll want to do your research. Selling a condo isn’t like selling a house; there are other features and challenges you’ll need to consider. However, the good news is that you can sell your condo without a realtor. But if you don’t have … Continued

House for sale in Massachusetts

Sell Your House Fast Now

Do you need to sell your Massachusetts house…like yesterday? In general, selling a home is usually stressful, so much so that people have said it’s worse than going through a divorce or bankruptcy. Add needing to sell a house fast, and the pressure is on!  The need to move quickly could be for several reasons, … Continued