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Sell Your House In Rhode Island Fast, To A Reputable House Buying Company You Can Count On! Free, Easy & No Pressure Process. Find Out How We Buy Houses!

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We buy houses in Rhode Island and are a reliable house buying company that pays cash for houses in Rhode Island. If you want to sell your house fast for cash, we’re local Rhode Island cash home buyers ready to make you an amazing offer today!

No need to make any repairs, or pay commissions when you sell to us. Most importantly – our home buying process is easy and we will treat you fair and honestly!

We work with homeowners all over Rhode Island to sell on their terms.

4.9 of 5 stars review for Ocean City Development
Ocean City Development Testimonial
five star reviews

“…it’s a great company I had researched obviously you guys as well and you had some really great reviews and my first-hand experience with Chris as a representative of your company couldn’t have been better… We will always recommend you guys to anybody who asks…”

Ocean City Development Testimonial
five star reviews

“… what stood out to me was the ease of everything… I didn’t have to go through all of those things as a seller would normally have to do going through the regular real estate process, that was all picked up by the company. It was very easy and very efficient for me… I would recommend Ocean City to anyone that’s in my shoes and you know it’s really the way to go it’ll save you money it’ll save you time it’ll save you stress and it’s the way to go right now.”

Ocean City Development Testimonial
five star reviews

“it was great. Once we got the purchase and sale agreement, we were able to fly down to Virginia and put an offer on the house we are sitting in now… we didn’t have to have a real estate broker and didn’t have any extra costs.”

We work with you to create a stress and hassle-free home selling experience. See how it works below.


Once you tell us about your property by calling us or filling out our form, we contact you to learn a bit more about your property.


Schedule a time for a video walk-through for us to get some more information about your property and see what repairs we may need to make.


Once we take a look at your property, we make you a fair cash offer. If you accept our offer, we work with you to close on your schedule.

Ocean City Development works with you to sell your house stress-free. Whether that’s a week or a few months.

get a cash offer within 24 hours

Avoid the lengthy listing process and the costs that come with it, get a cash offer within one day.

no need to make repairs when you sell your house

Make no repairs or upgrades! You can sell your house as it currently stands, no need to fix anything!

sell your house on your schedule

You let us know your timeframe and we work with you to buy your house when you’re ready.

See what the difference is between listing with an agent and selling to a Rhode Island cash home buyer like Ocean City Development



Selling to Ocean City Development



Traditional home sale


average commissions*

Selling process
Average days to close transaction
7-14 days
50 days
Average days to prep and stage home
0 days
10 days
Average number of showings
1 showing (Just Us)
20 showings
Transaction costs
Estimated Real Estate Agent Fees
6% on average is paid by you, the seller
Who Pays Closing Costs?
None – We pay closing costs
2% on average is paid by you, the seller
Inspection & Financing Contingency*
Yes, up to 15% of sales fall through
Estimated Home Ownership and Overlap
Repairs Needed To Sell Home
NONE – We pay for all repairs
Negotiated During Inspection Period


* Since we are not real estate agents, there are no commissions to sell your home to us.
* Cost and selling process estimates are based on industry data for the markets in which we operate.

What you need to know about the Rhode Island real estate market

Rhode Island, otherwise known as The Ocean State, is the smallest state by area but is the second-most densely populated state in the New England region. This renowned vacation site is home to Newport-the famous summer capital, the Tennis Hall of Fame, and is known for making silverware and fine jewelry.

The demand for housing in Rhode Island has never been greater. Throughout the past five years, Rhode Island homes have continued to increase. This year, values increased 10.6% and are predicted to continue to rise in the next year. The Rhode Island real estate market is holding steady for clever buyers and earnest sellers, making it a buyer’s dream in numerous cities statewide. Rhode Island has shown continued growth in the market over the past five years. The median value of houses has reached $321,500, which shows a considerable increase from 2018 when median home values were below $240,000. Unfortunately, while home values continue to increase, the percentage of property owners underwater on their mortgages represented 6% of Rhode Island.

Furthermore, the number of foreclosure filings in 2019 was one in every 1,114 households, and Rhode Island ranked #19 in the United States for most foreclosures. The good news for property owners in Rhode Island who are falling behind on mortgage payments is that the local real estate market is flourishing in November, as well as May through September. Homeowners looking to sell their homes for top-dollar prices should sell their properties in July, when pricing is typically 7.4% more than the rest of the year. If you list your dwelling in September, you could typically sell it 20 days faster than other months.

Since 2016, Rhode Island home values have increased steadily. Currently, the median home value in Rhode Island is $321,500. For homeowners who have owned property in the area for a while, this is great news. Cashing in on your available equity may be a great option. Even if you’ve owned a home for a short amount of time, there still may be options available.

As more and more people move to Rhode Island, the demand for housing continues to increase. This is reflected in the 10.6% median home price increase. This is a great sign if you’re looking to sell your house in Rhode Island.

Delinquent mortgages in Rhode Island sits at .9%. This number has decreased as of recently due to mortgage forbearance from the COVID 19 epidemic.

If you’re thinking about selling your house, the month of June is the best option. Typically, homeowners can sell for 9.2 percent higher than the rest of the year. The months of May, June, and July are the busiest months of the year and make up 40 percent of home sales for the entire year.


If you want to sell your house with an agent and want to get “market value”, more than likely, you’ll need to make some repairs. Those repairs can add up quickly and take thousands of dollars out of your pocket. When you sell to Ocean City Development, you sell your house in Rhode Island as-is, which means you don’t have to pay for any repairs!

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On average, Ocean City Development customers in Rhode Island save $38,307

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Sell your house on your terms and avoid a long drawn-out process.

sell as is

We buy houses “as-is,” which means we don’t need you to fix or update anything!

simple process

We have a three-step process for homebuying that makes life simple and cuts out the stress.

close on your schedule

Whether you want to sell right now or you want to wait a few months, we’ll work with you.

competitive cash offer

Whether it’s a leaky roof, broken windows, or flooded basement, we’ll handle all the repairs!

no commissions

We don’t work with middlemen like agents, so there are no commissions or fees to pay.

no cleaning necessary

Don’t worry about giving the house a cleaning. We’ll deal with any dirt and leftover items.

Unique inputs from you

Let us know about your situation and property. We will come up with an offer that works for you and for your property.

Local comparable sales

We take a look at all the homes that have sold in your local area in the same or very similar condition to yours.

Years of experience

Since we have been in business since 2011, our team has the knowledge to help you sell your house in any situation.

No matter what situation you may be facing, Ocean City Development can help you sell your house in Rhode Island fast and work through any real estate situation. Our team is here to help you move on from a house that’s stressing you out.

  • Relocating
  • Probate
  • Tax Lien
  • Inherited Home
  • Upgrading
  • Downsizing
  • Health Issues
  • Title Issues
  • Vacant Home
  • Mold
  • Hoarder Home
  • Termite Damage
  • Divorce
  • Fire Damage
  • Major Repairs Needed
  • Storm Damage
  • Job Loss
  • Expired Listing
  • Bankruptcy
  • Behind On Payments
  • Foreclosure
  • Problems With Tenants
  • Job Transfer
  • Code Violations
sell your house to a trusted local cash home buyer

Selling your house in Rhode Island doesn’t have to be complicated or stressful. At Ocean City Development, our mission is to help you sell your house fast and stress-free. Our team is here to take care of buying your property and removing the burden of a troublesome house.

We buy houses in Rhode Island as-is, which means you don’t have to make any repairs. You can sell your house to us and walk away. No repairs, cleaning, upgrades, or renovations, just a smooth and easy home sale.

Get a FREE cash offer on your Rhode Island property today and move on from the headache of a stressful house.

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We understand that selling your house in Rhode Island is a big decision. That’s why we want to make sure you have all your questions answered and feel comfortable with our team and process. We are an open book and are here to help you sell your house as stress-free as possible. Take a look at some of our most frequently asked questions below.

Q:  What types of properties do you buy?

A: Ocean City Development buys houses, duplexes, triplexes, townhomes, condos, land, and small multifamily properties.

Q:  How do you determine your offer?

A:  Great question, and we’re an open book: Our process is very straightforward. We look at the location of the property, what repairs are needed, the current condition of the property, and values of comparable houses sold in the area recently. As you know, house values have taken a huge hit in the last 5 years and most areas still haven’t seen prices come back up. We take many pieces of information into consideration… and come up with a fair price that works for us and works for you too.

Q:  What if my house needs repairs?

A:  That’s ok. We buy houses in “as-is” condition. Which means you don’t have to make any repairs.

Q:  Do you pay fair prices for properties?

A:  Many of the houses we purchase are below market value (we do this so we can resell it at a profit to another homeowner). We are looking to get a fair discount on a property. However, in our experience, many sellers aren’t necessarily expecting a large “windfall” on the property but rather appreciate that we can offer cash, we close very quickly (no waiting for financing), and no time or effort or expense is required on your part of fix up the property or pay agent fees. If that’s what you’re looking for and you see the value in getting your house sold fast… let’s see if we can come to a fair win-win price. (Besides, our no-obligation pricing commitment means that you do not have to move forward with the offer we give… but it’s good to know what we’re offering!)

Q:  How are you different from a real estate agent?

A: Real estate agents list properties and hope that someone will buy them. The agent shows the properties to prospective buyers if there are any (the average time to sell a property in many markets right now is 6-12 months) and then take a percentage of the sale price if they find a buyer. Oftentimes, the agent’s commission is 3-6% of the sale price of your house (so if it’s a $100,000 house, you’ll pay between $3,000 – $6,000 in commissions to an agent). Agents provide a great service for those that can wait 6-12 months to sell and who don’t mind giving up some of that sale price to pay for the commissions. But that’s where we’re different: We’re not agents, we’re home buyers. Our company actually buys houses. We don’t list houses. Since we’re actually the one buying the house from you, and we pay with all cash… we can make a decision to buy your house within a couple days (sometimes the same day). Again, we make our living by taking the risk to buy the house with our own cash, repair the house, and market it ourselves to find a buyer (which is the hard part in this market).

Q:  Are there any fees or commissions to work with you?

A: This is what makes us stand out from the traditional method of selling your house: There are NO fees or commissions when you sell your house us. We’ll make you an offer, and if it’s a fit then we’ll buy your house (and we’ll often pay for the closing costs too!). No hassle. No fees. We make our money after we pay for repairs on the house (if any) and sell it for a profit (we’re taking all of the risk here on whether we can sell it for a profit or not, once we buy the house from you… the responsibility is ours and you walk away without the burden of the property and it’s payments… and often with cash in your hand).

Q:  Does selling my house to Ocean City Development cost anything?

A: No. There is no upfront investment from you. There’s no service charge, commissions, or closing costs when selling your property to us. We also don’t require you to make any repairs to your property.

We buy homes in the following areas:

It can be a terribly frustrating feeling when you are trying to sell your home and nothing is happening. You’re not getting any showings, calls, or interest at all. In 2019 there were more than 5.34 million homes sold in the United States, so why is your house not selling? There are many reasons a house doesn’t sell, but the most common include:

  • It’s overpriced for the Rhode Island area
  • The house isn’t staged properly
  • It needs repairs or renovations
  • There are houses that are a “better” fit for home buyers
  • Listing photos may not be professional
  • It lacks curb appeal
  • You’re getting bad advice

As frustrating as it seems, there are usually specific reasons that your house isn’t selling. The good news is that it isn’t the end of the world. There are ways to correct the lack of interest or sell outright to a home buyer that buys houses in Rhode Island that others won’t. Ocean City Development buys houses in any condition in Rhode Island and can work with you to sell your house fast and on your terms.

Ocean City Development is the best home buying company in Rhode Island, and we’d like to prove it to you! We buy houses in Rhode Island in any condition and our easy 3-step home buying process helps you sell your house without the stress of selling your house the traditional way. Whether you are facing or trying to avoid foreclosure, bankruptcy, job loss, divorce, probate, inherited property, bad tenants, or any other reason you need to sell, we can help. We can help you sell your house fast in Rhode Island. It is possible to walk away from a stressful property and still get a fair cash offer!

We pay cash for houses in Rhode Island and can close on your schedule. No matter if you need to sell fast or need time, that’s ok. Our team is here to work with you and help you sell your house for cash in Rhode Island in any condition. Contact us today to get your fair cash offer and sell your house fast for cash in Rhode Island to Rhode Island‘s top cash home buyers.

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