Selling Your House By Yourself in CT

The Advantages of Selling Your House By Yourself in CT

Selling your house by yourself in CT can save you a significant chunk of money, especially in commissions. The average realtor commission in CT in 2021 is around 5.26%. If you’re selling a house for $300,000, that’s $15,780 saved just on commission fees. Unfortunately, the excruciating pain of doing the paperwork, research, and overall legal … Continued

Avoid Capital Gains Tax in Massachusetts

Capital Gains Tax When Selling a Home in MA

When a homeowner sells a home or property, they are usually obligated to pay capital gains taxes after filing their taxes and entering the sales details. The typical amount of capital gains paid by the seller is either 5% or even 12% in some instances.  These taxes can put a dent in your wallet and … Continued

Selling A House and Moving Out Of State

Tips For Selling A House And Moving Out Of State

You can’t always predict where life is going to lead you. One day you might feel settled in your house and the next day circumstances could lead you to sell your house fast so you can move out of state. There are all kinds of scenarios that could lead to you moving out of state … Continued

Find the Best Home Buying Company in Connecticut

How to Find the Best Home Buying Company in Connecticut

Do you need to sell your home fast? From struggling through a divorce to facing foreclosure or bankruptcy, some homeowners need a quick way out without sacrificing the entire investment. Maybe you already purchased a new house but can’t seem to sell your existing one, and two mortgage payments are too much to handle. Unfortunately, … Continued

Sell a House with Foundation Damage CT

Tips to Selling a House with Foundation Damage in Connecticut

If you suspect that you have a foundation issue with your home, it can be a scary feeling. Foundation problems are one issue that homeowners dread hearing is wrong with their house. And it can put you in a challenging situation, especially if you were hoping to sell soon. Should you fix the foundation before … Continued

Sell Your House By Owner without a Realtor

How To Sell Your House By Owner – [The Ultimate Guide]

Selling a house by owner is a great way to save some money on the sale of your Massachusetts home. On average Massachusetts realtor commissions cost 4.9% to 5.7%, so if you were to sell a house worth $462,000, the median property value in Massachusetts, you would be looking at paying up to $26,000 in … Continued