Average Cost of Living in Connecticut

Connecticut is one of the best places in the United States to live if you want a higher quality of life. With beautiful scenery, excellent schools, and low crime rates, there are many reasons why potential new residents are curious about the cost of living in Connecticut. 

On average, residing in populated urban areas, like Connecticut, will be more expensive than in rural locations. Pair this with the high-quality services available, and you will find a higher cost of living. Although, for many individuals and families, the tradeoff is worth it, and they will gladly pay more to live in an area that can provide a better quality of life. 

There are several factors besides the real estate market that will affect the cost of living in Connecticut. These additional elements include: 

  • Bills and Utility Costs
  • Transportation Costs 
  • Housing Prices
  • Food and Shopping 
  • Health and Medical Costs 
neighborhood street view - Real Estate Market in Connecticut

Real Estate Market in Connecticut 

Residents of this picturesque state are lucky enough to enjoy the amenities of a smaller urban setting while remaining connected to the large bustling center of New York City. There are more than 1.5 million housing units in Connecticut available to both homeowners and renters. We buy houses in Connecticut.

Homeowners make up 66% of the real estate market, while renters are the remainder 33.9%. Overall, the housing market has increased almost 2% from 2019 to 2020, making Connecticut one of the more desirable places to live. As more people balance their home and work life, more individuals turn to outlying areas for permanent homes rather than living in large urban centers. 

Costs of Living in Connecticut 

To get a clearer picture of the average cost of living in Connecticut, we explore several elements that help determine how affordable it will be for many individuals. Although it appears that Connecticut is slightly more expensive to live in than the national average of other U.S. states, it can still be quite affordable. 

Bills and Utility Costs 

Connecticut residents pay an average of $440 each month in bills and utility costs when considering their power, gas, water, cable, and internet services. This total makes it the 6th highest location for bill costs across the U.S. since the national average is approximately $398 monthly. 

You can blame the weather for these high utilities. The cold winters and hot summer months can cause more considerable electricity and natural gas bills in Connecticut than in other areas around the United States. This increase is because residents run their furnaces more during colder months and opt for air conditioning units when the summer heat arrives. 

For renters in Connecticut, 87% of them will have to pay utilities on top of their monthly rental fees. There is only a small percentage of rental units that have utilities included in the total rental costs. 

Transportation Costs

Getting around in Connecticut will vary. They have public transportation, including busses, trains, and ferries, along with taxi services. Many residents will own their vehicles to commute to work and back. 

A potential citizen of Connecticut will see higher gasoline prices, vehicle maintenance costs, and more significant licensing and insurance rates when compared to other states. The gasoline tax is responsible for most of this high amount, making residents pay almost 12% more for transportation costs than the national average. 

The increase in gasoline tax is there to help pay for roadway repairs and maintenance, but many individuals believe these roads are not getting the attention they need. 

For a better idea of a comparable location, the transportation costs in Connecticut is approximately 40% higher than that of a resident in Maine, just a few hours north along the coast.  

Housing Prices in Connecticut

With the average home costing approximately $275,500, residents should expect to pay around $60,000 more than the average US citizen. Sell my house fast Bristol. However, when considering the yearly income of an individual living in Connecticut, mortgage costs occupy 21% of their household income, reaching just over $1,700 per month. 

Housing costs are not the only inflated item you will see for homeowners, unfortunately. Connecticut has exceptionally high property taxes, so before you decide on a home, be sure to check the property tax rate assessment. Avoid house buying scams. Even so, housing prices here will run you significantly less than a comparable home in Boston or New York City. 

The renters in Connecticut have it a little easier by far for affordable housing by only paying approximately $1,180 per month. This amount is only $120 more monthly than other locations in the U.S. In addition, there is no worry about property taxes, and their renter’s insurance will be quite a bit less than homeowner’s insurance. 

Food & Shopping 

Getting groceries and doing your shopping in Connecticut is not as expensive as you may believe. Although many aspects of living in this beautiful location come with a higher price tag, your monthly food bill will only come out approximately 3% higher than an average U.S. citizen. 

There are dozens of ample shopping centers to choose from when traveling through Connecticut. Thankfully, the prices for many goods throughout the state are not too high, allowing residents to shop local rather than traveling to the big city for their purchases. 

You can find a slight increase of up to 15% more for items in the Bridgeport-Stamford-Hartford areas than in other sections of the state. Companies that buy houses in Hartford. Some may attribute these costs to the population density and frequency of shoppers. 

woman calculating health and medical costs

Health and Medical Costs 

For those residing in Connecticut, health and medical costs will not be the excessive amounts that you may come to expect with this picturesque location. Whether you are single or belong to a family with children, the out-of-pocket expenses for health care costs annually will only add approximately $120 to $150 per person on top of the national average. 

This minimal rate has Connecticut residents paying around $4,500 per year, while other U.S. citizens pay approximately $4,270 each year. So if you are worried about medical and health care costs when living in Connecticut, you can relax knowing that you will not pay any inflated prices for your health. 

Average Cost of Living in Connecticut

Connecticut can be your location of choice for many reasons. Whether you are looking for a better quality of life or want to remain on the coast, this beautiful state offers much. Consequently, a better quality of life comes with a higher price tag. 

Connecticut’s average cost of living index will be slightly higher than the national average, but it varies, depending on where you settle in the state. Potential residents should expect anywhere from a 7 to 17% higher cost of living than other U.S. states. 

As a single resident in Connecticut without children, you will need an annual income of just over $33,000 before taxes to live comfortably. For a family with two adults and two children, a combined yearly income of around $94,000 will cover all necessities while residing here. 

Your New Home?

Even though Connecticut seems like a relatively expensive state to live in, the average income of residents exceeds the national average. The more considerable household income helps allow residents the choice of living in this beautiful state, even with slightly higher bills and expenses for a better quality of life.  

Connecticut could be the best choice if you are looking for a terrific place to live on the coast while staying local to major urban centers. Selling a house and moving out of state

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