Things to Fix Up Before Selling a House in MA

Are you looking to sell your house in Massachusetts? If you’re like many other sellers, you want to get the most for your house in the shortest amount of time. 

If your house is in a hot real estate area and in high demand, you may be able to sell it as is. However, if the real estate market is slow, or there are many homes for sale in your area, you may want to consider making some home improvements to attract home buyers and increase its value. 

Is it worth making repairs to your home before you sell it? Some home improvements carry more value than others. Before you make any major repairs, find out whether it will add any value to your home and whether it’s worth you putting the investment into it. 

We’ll tell you what to fix up before selling a house and what makes the biggest impression.

what to fix up before selling the house

Should You Fix up Your House before Selling in MA 

You’re ready to sell your house. Perhaps you have already bought a new house or are moving out of town, or need the money from your house’s sale. For whatever reason you’re selling, you may wonder why you would put more money into a house that you will no longer live in. That’s a valid concern, and some home improvements and repairs may not be worth it.

Before you put money into the house, research comparable homes in the neighborhood or consult with a real estate broker or expert to find out the answers to the following questions:

  • Will home improvement increase the value of your home? For example, if comparable homes in your area with new kitchen appliances don’t sell for more than a house with older appliances, it may not be worth investing in them.
  • Will the home improvement get you a higher price on the house than the repair cost? 
  • Are the houses in your area in high demand? If it’s a slow market, it can be worth putting money into your house to attract potential home buyers and give you an advantage over the other houses for sale.
  • If you don’t do the home repair, will the drawback deter homebuyers? If your house needs a major repair, homebuyers may not be interested in spending the time, money, and hassle to fix it. They may prefer to pay more for the house in excellent condition than pay a little less and have to deal with the repair themselves. 

You may choose to sell your house for cash to a company that buys houses for cash in Springfield

Things to Fix Up On Your House

There are ways to increase your house’s value and make an impression on potential homebuyers – and other home repairs that won’t make a difference when it’s time to sell. Spend your time and money on the home repairs that you will benefit from when selling your house.

  • Kitchens – An updated kitchen is a big advantage in the real estate market. Homebuyers want to picture themselves cooking, entertaining, and spending time in the kitchen and a beautiful or new one makes a big impact. 

If you can’t invest in a complete kitchen overhaul, consider making some small improvements that go a long way, such as new appliances, new countertops, or even new cabinet hardware. Stainless steel and energy-saving appliances will also make an impression.

  • Bathrooms – New, modern bathroom furnishings can raise the value of your home. Replace cracked tiles and broken furnishings, put on fresh grout, and consider installing a new vanity and mirror. You may opt to install a modern and water-saving toilet.
  • Windows and Insulation – Old windows not only look dated but can be drafty and waste heat and energy. Environmental-conscious homeowners look for insulated windows and energy-efficient homes. 
  • Home Exterior – Your home’s curb appeal plays a big role. Replace old siding, power-wash your stucco, paint the front fence, or replace your garage and home doors to give it an instant lift.
  • Flooring – You don’t need to replace your flooring to increase your home’s appeal. Small upgrades such as scraping and staining old wood floors, replacing a stained or ripped carpet, or new tiles in the entryway can make a difference.

Minor or Major House Repairs?

Will minor repairs make a difference in the value of your home? Is it worth making major house repairs before selling your home, or should you sell your house as-is

A home repair doesn’t have to be costly or on a grand scale to have an impact. You can repaint chipped and peeling paint, upgrade outdated lighting, and spruce up the front of your home on a budget, and make your house look worth a lot more.  

Bigger home improvements can go a long way as well. If you’re looking to increase your house’s value and put your house above the competition, consider updating the kitchen, bathroom, and windows. While a new roof, boiler, and other major repairs are costly, many buyers aren’t interested in buying a house where they will have to put the work and money into it. If the major repairs get you more offers on the house, you might deem them worthwhile. 

However, keep the bottom line in mind when making improvements to your home for the purpose of selling. Luxury upgrades such as marble floors and counters may not raise the value of your home. If you’re renovating the house for yourself and are keeping the future resale value in mind, that’s one thing, but don’t splurge for the sole purpose of getting a higher offer on the real estate market.

If your house is in major disrepair, you may spend more on the repairs than the value increase it would bring to the house. Is it worth it? It depends on whether you can find a buyer for the house in the current condition. Your best option would be to either sell it to a company for cash, a house flipper, or a DIY home buyer looking for a cheaper house and will fix it up themselves. 

Keep the above factors in mind when you decide whether to fix up your house before selling or sell it as is

Cosmetic House Repairs in MA

Should you make cosmetic repairs in your house before putting it on the market? Fix any obvious issues that are easy to fix and inexpensive to change, such as patching a hole in the wall or replacing a broken fixture.

If you are making any cosmetic changes, keep in mind that the new homeowners may not share your tastes. Stick with neutral and universal colors and options to appeal to most homebuyers. Unless you’re targeting a specific niche with your house, don’t get too creative or bold – it may turn away a potential offer.

Try these minor cosmetic upgrades to make a big impression:  

  • Fix up the front lawn, steps, and front of the house. It makes the first impression.
  • Remove any faded and torn wallpapers, and repaint the walls with a fresh coat of paint in a neutral color.
  • Update old light fixtures. Try LED lights for a more modern look.
  • Invest in kitchen updates, including new cabinet hardware, cabinets doors, new countertops, or a new backsplash.
  • Fix up worn-out or damaged flooring. You don’t need to replace it with an expensive floor or carpet; you can find many budget-friendly flooring options that will look fresh and new.

Redecorating your House

Will redecorating your house help it sell faster? Decor can be very subjective, and your decorating tastes may not appeal to someone else. Rather than redecorating your house, focus on making it look neat and clean to show off its best features.

Clear away clutter, piles of papers, and baskets of clothes. Keep surfaces clean and clear, and clean your house again before showing it to potential buyers.

If you are going to redecorate your house, stick to neutral colors that have a universal appeal.

Will Fixing Up Your House Add Value to Your House? 

Some home improvements will add value to your house, such as a new kitchen and an updated bathroom. Calculate the cost of the home improvements and compare it to the estimated value increase of your house to determine whether it is worth it.

For example, if a new $10,000 bathroom will add another $20,000 to your home’s value, it is worth making the improvement.

Other home improvements may not raise the home’s value but may influence a potential homebuyer to put in an offer on your house over another similar house. For example, new paint, floors, and a front door may not raise your home’s asking price but may appeal to a homebuyer.

Then there are home improvements that may cost more than the value they will add, but you might not be able to sell the house without the repair. If your house needs a new roof, you may need to invest in it even if it won’t raise the home’s value as a new homebuyer may not want the house knowing they will have to put in a new roof.

How to Sell Your House After You’ve Fixed it Up

How to Sell Your House After You’ve Fixed it Up

You’ve fixed up your house, spruced up the exterior and interior, and are now ready to sell it! Here are some tips to help you sell your house faster:

  1. Set a price – Determine the price you want to get for your house. Compare your house to similar houses in your area to ensure it’s in a reasonable range. You don’t want to list it too low and short-changed yourself, nor list it too high and push away interested buyers.
  1. Hire a broker – Find a real estate agent who is experienced and familiar with your neighborhood. A realtor will take care of advertising the house, showing it, and handling any offers. An experienced agent can also advise you on any changes you should make to your house and how to present it.
  1. Take photos – Take photos of the interior and exterior of your home and make sure to include any outstanding features such as a fireplace, pool, new appliances, updated bathroom, or large deck. Take extra care to clean your house and clear away any clutter before taking the pictures.
  1. Advertise your house – Spread the word that your house is for sale! Publicize it in the local paper, on online housing sites, with a sign on your front lawn, and of course, by word of mouth.
  1. Sell your house to a company – There are companies that buy houses in Massachusetts for cash. If you’re looking to make a quick cash sale on your house, look at cash home buyers in Boston

In Short

The real estate market can be tough and competitive. If you’re looking to sell your house, research comparable homes in your area and take note of the homes’ features, conditions, and prices.

You can increase your home’s appeal to potential homebuyers and raise its value with some home improvements and fixes.  

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