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Expensive Home Sales in Massachusetts

Massachusetts isn’t known for catering to billionaires or the 1 percent like Los Angeles, California, or New York City might. However, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have expensive home sales all across the state. Right now, Massachusetts real estate is booming, with more and more cities becoming competitive in their home sales. 

Though Massachusetts can’t come close to Chartwell Estate in LA, the most expensive home for sale in the US, they are still experiencing the most expensive home sales since the previous decade. 

A house owner thinking of selling has an advantage with Massachusetts currently becoming a prime real estate. Home selling is easier than ever, with plenty of choices for a home buyer. You can quickly achieve a home sale as an inexperienced home seller due to the current state of Massachusetts’ real estate.

Though it may not be the most expensive house sale, you can still accomplish a lot on your terms, thanks to a surplus of buyers and a deficiency of houses. As the real estate market of Massachusetts becomes more and more competitive, natives of this state must expect the most expensive home sales in Massachusetts of the past ten years. 

expensive house for sale

Overview of the Massachusetts Real Estate Market

Over the past year, the house value of homes in Massachusetts has risen 18.4 percent. According to the Zillow Home Value Index, the average value of Massachusetts real estate in August of 2020 came to $448K, while the average value in July 2021 was $525K. 

Similarly, the house prices in Massachusetts have risen. In July 2021, the cost of houses for sale in Massachusetts increased 11.8 percent from the previous year. In year-to-year comparisons, the number of homes sold increased 9.8 percent, while the number of homes for sale decreased 19.6 percent.

Overall, there have been fewer homes for sale on the Massachusetts real estate market, leading to an increase in demand. This lack of supply also allowed for prices to jump and home value to increase.

As an overview of the Massachusetts real estate market, it has become much more competitive due to these numbers. The most competitive areas of real estate include the cities of Arlington, Ashland, and Westford, MA, with less supply than demand.

Because of this, the real estate market has become something of a seller’s market, making the ideal conditions for selling your house by yourself.

Fastest Growing MetroSale Price Increase Since Last Year
Acton, MA66.6%
Winchester, MA55.9%
Maynard, MA47.9%
Maynard, MA47.9%
Brewster, MA46.9%
Winchester,  MA46.1%
Swampscott, MA45.6%
Marshfield, MA43.6%
Swampscott, MA42.7%
Sudbury, MA41.7%

Prime Real Estate Prices in Massachusetts

Because of the decrease in available homes to sell, more people are willing to pay a higher asking price for Massachusetts’ houses. Selling a house for cash is easier than ever, and there are plenty of businesses, not just homeowners, who are eager to make a profit buying your home. 

Companies that buy houses in Springfield are more popular than ever. If you’re looking up “sell my house fast Boston” on the internet, we buy houses in Massachusetts and can help you with your fast sales.  

These companies are providing the means for homeowners to achieve the most expensive home sales of their lives. The shortage of homes for sale means more people will look at your house, and more people will rush to buy it. 

If you decide to increase the price, more people will be willing to accommodate you. Low supply has made available homes a precious commodity in the world of realty, the value of which should not be overlooked.

The Most Expensive Home Sales in MA 

Massachusetts has hiked its prices, making the current market home to the most expensive home sales the state has seen in years. Houses for sale in Massachusetts have an increased home value, which encourages homeowners to ask for more. Here are some of the priciest luxury homes on the market. 

1 Franklin St Unit Gph, Boston
Photos via Listing by Moran Group • Gibson Sotheby’s International Realty

1.) 1 Franklin St Unit Gph, Boston

Price tag: $45,000,000

This property is a perfect single-family home. While nowhere close to the most expensive home sales of the country, this unit listed at 45 million dollars would be the most expensive home sales in Massachusetts.

Located in downtown Boston, the apartment is advantageous and offers spectacular views from the windows and the rooftop. With one of the most extended listing times, this unit proves house prices in Massachusetts aren’t going down any time soon.

19 Pleasant St #2-11, Nantucket
Photos via Listing by Linda Bellevue • Atlantic East Nantucket Real Estate

2.) 19 Pleasant St #2-11, Nantucket

Price tag: $28,000,000

Nantucket has proven to be prime Massachusetts real estate territory, with the most expensive home sales being based there on their housing market. This 28-million-dollar house is proof of a booming real estate market on the off-shore town-county.

Consisting of eight bedrooms and 12 bathrooms, this 8,817 square foot home provides all the luxury you could want. This property was built in 1829, and it shows. From its extensive gardens to the unattached converted-carriage-house-garage, it’s easy to imagine gliding up the driveway in a horse-drawn coach or wandering the grounds with a parasol.

41 Jefferson Ave Units 201, 202, 203, 20, Nantucket
Photos via Listing by Denise LaBombard • Great Point Properties

3.) 41 Jefferson Ave Units 201, 202, 203, 20, Nantucket

Price tag: $27,250,000

This house sits on Nantucket’s beach, one of the most highly sought-after Massachusetts real estate locations. A newer property only finished in 2013, this home’s backyard is literal sand stretching towards the Atlantic Ocean. This property also boasts a gorgeous dining room. 

Made up of 7,210 square feet and including eight bedrooms and nine bathrooms, this property aims to entice anyone with a large bank account. After all, who wouldn’t buy a house with a beach backyard if they could?

256 Polpis Rd, Nantucket
Photos via Listing by Lisa Winn • Maury People Sotheby’s International Realty

4.) 256 Polpis Rd, Nantucket

Price tag: $26,500,000

This gorgeous secluded home is a Nantucket gem – the kind you rarely see on the market and home selling. The six-acre property gives a sense of privacy and seclusion, and offers gorgeous views and access to the water. The main house features classic Nantucket architecture and materials, including original woodwork throughout. With five bedrooms, five full baths, an additional half bath, and huge windows and porches, it’s an ocean-themed oasis. 

The legacy property also includes two guest cottages, a three-car garage, and a boathouse. Two boat moorings give owners premium access to the water. All the buildings feature Nantucket shingle siding, landscaped gardens and grounds, and original features. 

41A-39 Cliff Rd #37, Nantucket
Photos via Listing by Edward Gillum • J Pepper Frazier Co.

5.) 41A-39 Cliff Rd #37, Nantucket

Price tag: $25,000,000

Like most properties in this area that result in the most expensive home sales, this home has multiple buildings. It is a testimony to the real estate market in Massachusetts that such properties can compete with smaller venues. 

One of the more prominent areas on this list, this home covers 13,106 square feet. Containing 13 bedrooms and 15 bathrooms, it can accommodate more people than even the most expensive home in Massachusetts. A movie theater and a gym are among the many rooms this property provides.

192 and 187 Mishaum Point Rd, Dartmouth
Photos via Listing by Robert Kinlin • Robert Paul Properties

6.) 192 and 187 Mishaum Point Rd, Dartmouth

Price tag: $25,000,000

Though home selling in Nantucket is the most lucrative of any Massachusetts real estate market, Dartmouth provides one of the more competitive properties on this list. A massive area at 21,848 square feet, this home takes up the entire Mishaum Point on a 10-acre property. 

With the ocean on three out of four sides and easy beach access, this property is remote enough to feel like a vacation home while also being close to civilization. 

Eight bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, a living room, and a pier will entice any ocean-lover with a big checkbook to make a bid. Aside from being surrounded by water, it even has its own pool for a more regulated approach to aquatic fun. The property also includes a guest house and wine cellar.

251 Green Dunes Dr, West Hyannis Port
Photos via Listing by Jonathan A Matel • William Raveis RE & Home Serv.

7.) 251 Green Dunes Dr, West Hyannis Port

Price tag: $22,500,000

Like many popular expensive homes featured in Massachusetts’ real estate, this property offers ocean access from its very own beach. Though Massachusetts might not be the first state that comes to mind when you’re searching for expensive oceanfront property, it’s easy to see why such homes make the cut.

Though listed as a single-family residence, this home has a six-car garage, five bedrooms, eight bathrooms, and is a 9,678 square-foot mansion. Complete with an indoor swimming pool, this is the kind of mansion you could expect to see in Beverly Hills.

8 Mount Vernon Pl, Boston
Photos via Listing by Maggie Gold Seelig • MGS Group Real Estate LTD

8.) 8 Mount Vernon Pl, Boston

Price tag: $22,500,000

This home is everything you think of when you picture classic Boston or Cambridge homes and Massachusetts real estate. The exterior has been restored to display its historic character and detail, while the interior has all the necessities of modern comfort and high design. The height of city luxury, the home has five bedrooms, seven full baths, two half baths, and four private parking spots.

Some of our favorite features are the gorgeous curved entryway staircase, the restored brick facade with black shutters, a massive kitchen range, and the impeccably updated bathrooms. Every room has a window streaming in light from outside, and the property includes a private back garden for a perfect touch of nature in the middle of city life.

34 Paine Ave, Beverly
Photos via Listing by The Sarkis Team • Douglas Elliman Real Estate

9.) 34 Paine Ave, Beverly

Price tag: $22,000,000 

A regular Massachusetts manor, this 11-bedroom, 14-bathroom palace is built right on the beach of Beverly. Constructed in 1904, this home has plenty of added value from its location, longevity, and style. Anyone who wants to feel like a nobleman or even a president will enjoy the long straight drive and imposing view of the building overlooking the sea.

8 Tuthill Ln, Unit 27, Edgartown
Photos via Listing by Alyssa Halisky • Wallace & Co. Sotheby’s International Realty

10.) 8 Tuthill Ln, Unit 27, Edgartown

Price tag: $19,500,000

Though competitive real estate makes most properties into costly pipe dreams, a few comparative homes are still slightly more accessible. This Edgartown acreage has most if not all features of more expensive properties, including an extensive lot, beachfront, and pool.

With nine bedrooms and 11 total bathrooms, this home provides everything a billionaire could want. Property-line trees bring privacy from the neighbors, and thirteen parking spots ensure you always have a place for your car.


Thanks to the rising demand for Massachusetts’ homes and low supply, prices for a home sale can rise to unexpectedly high costs. As more expensive homes are sought after, it becomes increasingly easy for a homeowner to handle the selling of their own house. However, it’s always a good idea to get with a realtor or home buying site. 

More people are willing to pay more for a perfect home, making Massachusetts a prime and unexpected real estate spot. 

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