Expensive Home Sales in New Hampshire

New Hampshire is known not only for its lovely natural scenery but also for its high-end homes. Those on the market for an expensive home won’t be short of choices on the New Hampshire real estate market. 

While top-notch styles and features are readily available, however, the high-end real estate prices we find in New Hampshire do present a challenge to many prospective buyers. 

Understanding a market’s home prices is essential if you want to sell your house quickly. It’s even more important if you must sell your house ASAP for a specific reason. 

An example might be if there’s another property you have your eye on. Do you have your heart set on a property in New Hampshire? It’s time to understand the state’s market. Do you have a house in New Hampshire that you need to sell? You must learn about the prices you can command. 

Let’s explore an overview of the New Hampshire real estate market. We’ll talk about the nature and realities of the market, examples of prime real estate prices in New Hampshire, and a list of the ten most expensive home sales in New Hampshire. 

Overview of the New Hampshire Real Estate Market

Overview of the New Hampshire Real Estate Market

The New Hampshire market is extraordinarily hot at the moment. Houses, especially single-family homes, are commanding loftier prices than we’ve ever seen. In July of 2021, it was reported that home prices all over New Hampshire had increased by 18.8%. There are drastically (27.1%) fewer homes on the market in the state. 

Simultaneously, however, home sales fell. This is key. While prices are high, homeowners wanting to sell their homes are having difficulty finding the right buyers. 

If you cannot find a buyer on the traditional real estate market willing and able to offer the price you want, it’s all for naught. That’s when it’s time to expand your horizons beyond the traditional real estate market. 

The beautiful state of New Hampshire is attractive for many different reasons, and it’s become especially popular with recent world events. People are increasingly attracted to quiet and charismatic locations for their real estate properties, whether it’s for their primary or secondary residence. 

Prime Real Estate Prices in New Hampshire

It’s not just the outstanding quality of New Hampshire properties that are driving the high real estate prices currently seen in the state. Recent world events and social and economic conditions have also played a significant part. The 2020 pandemic has been pivotal in the creation of what realtors call a real estate boom. 

The desire to buy new properties is leading New Hampshire residents to want to sell their current homes, and that is creating a glut in the market. Large city residents suddenly able to move to quieter areas because of remote work has helped drive prices in a resolutely upward direction in beautiful New Hampshire. This seems set to continue for the foreseeable future. 

It may sound counterintuitive given the difficulty some New Hampshire homeowners are having finding the right buyer, but there is tremendous demand for single-family homes in the state. 

This apparent contradiction is explained by the chaos and confusion that comes with bidding wars and buyers being spoiled for choice, not able to make a decision between different properties. It’s all too easy for properties, including yours, to get completely overlooked in a sea of options. 

With such a hot real estate market, it can be hard to find buyers that can afford your property in New Hampshire. Do you have a house in Bedford? Or are you looking for companies that buy houses in Salem? At Ocean City Development, we buy homes in Bedford and can make an offer within the next 24 hours if you call us now. We cover Salem and every other part of New Hampshire, too. If you own a home in New Hampshire and want to sell, we’re interested in making an offer. 

Prices are also higher than before in smaller and more mid-range homes in New Hampshire. In June 2021, NBC Boston reported that the price boost was being driven by people moving there from large cities to work remotely. In May 2021, New Hampshire’s median home sales price was $402,000. When compared to home prices in May 2020, this is a 25% increase.

New Hampshire’s average home value is currently $374,599. This reflects an impressive 21.0% price increase that has occurred over the last year. 

The Most Expensive Home Sales in NH

Let’s explore 10 of the most expensive home sales in New Hampshire.

4 Dancers Image Ln, North Hampton
Photos via Listing by Tony Jalbert • Tate & Foss Sotheby’s International Rlty
  1. 4 Dancers Image Ln, North Hampton

One of the most expensive homes for sale in New Hampshire is in North Hampton, minutes from the Ocean. This six-bedroom, nine-bathroom home is selling for $19.9 million. The house was built in 2001 and sits on 14.8-acres, making it an excellent spot for horses. The living space is 9,443 square feet, leaving plenty of room for the whole family. 

32 Wisteria Dr, Dover
Photos via Listing by Barbara Dunkle • Bean Group / Portsmouth
  1. 32 Wisteria Dr, Dover

A Dover waterfront home, affectionately known as Villa Como, is selling for $11.7 million. This large family home sits on 16.3 acres with five bedrooms, ten bathrooms, a stunning pool, a spa, a guest house, and a tennis court. Villa Como gives residents access to the Cocheco River, adding to the luxury of the home. 

296 Edgewater Dr, Gilford
Photos via Listing by Susan Bradley • Coldwell Banker Realty Gilford NH
  1. 296 Edgewater Dr, Gilford

On Edgewater Drive in Gilford sits a beautiful 20,504 square feet waterfront property. There are five bedrooms and ten bathrooms plus everything you’d want in a luxury home. One of the biggest appeals to this $10 million home is the private boat dock on Lake Winnipesaukee.

285 South Rd, Kensington
Photos via Listing by Randy Hart • Hart Of New England Realty
  1. 285 South Rd, Kensington

In Kensington sits a beautiful wood lake house, selling for $6.95 million. This four-bedroom and four-bathroom home boasts wood floors and several natural wood walls, making it feel like a cozy cabin despite its large size. Even though builders built the home in 1998, it still has upgraded features and rustic ones. It sits on a small lake, making it great for water lovers. 

14 Broadview Ter, Gilford
Photos via Listing by Susan Bradley • Coldwell Banker Realty Gilford NH
  1. 14 Broadview Ter, Gilford

Gilford has a fine selection of luxury homes, and this $6.99 million waterfront home is fantastic. With five bedrooms and seven bathrooms, there’s plenty of room for everyone to have their own space. The private dock fits two boats and has an outdoor space perfect for entertaining in the Summer. 

84 Canaan Back Rd, Barrington
Photos via Listing by Linda Rosenthall • Rosenthall Realty Group LLC
  1. 84 Canaan Back Rd, Barrington

One of the most expensive homes in Barrington costs $6.99 million and is over 17,000 square feet. This farmhouse-style home has four bedrooms and seven bathrooms, a sauna, and the perfect indoor pool with views of the wilderness around the house. 

46 Brown Hill Rd, Sunapee
Photos via Listing by Kristin Claire • LandVest, Inc./New Hampshire
  1. 46 Brown Hill Rd, Sunapee

In Sunapee, a $6.2 million home looks more like a rustic wilderness lodge than a single-family home. This luxury home boasts authentic wood fixtures and grey stone accents throughout, making you feel like you’re on vacation every day. This 12,000 square feet home sits on 26.4-acres and has seven bedrooms and nine bathrooms. 

68 Atlantic Ave, North Hampton
Photos via Listing by Tony Jalbert • Tate & Foss Sotheby’s International Rlty
  1. 68 Atlantic Ave, North Hampton

North Hampton is home to a 1923 farmhouse with a guest house and stables. The house costs $5.2 million and has three bedrooms and one bathroom. While the number of bedrooms and bathrooms is smaller than other luxury homes in the state, it’s worth every penny. The interior resembles homes from the 1920s but has been well taken care of. 

442 Joppa Hill Rd, Bedford
Photos via Listing by Marianna Vis • Four Seasons Sotheby’s Int’l Realty
  1. 442 Joppa Hill Rd, Bedford

On 3.12-acres in Bedford sits a $4.25 million home with five bedrooms and ten bathrooms. It’s a new build from 2020, so everything is reasonably modern while taking inspiration from the farmhouse style. The home is surrounded by large trees, giving residents the privacy they need. 

12 Chapel Rd, North Hampton
Photos via Listing by Tony Jalbert • Tate & Foss Sotheby’s International Rlty
  1. 12 Chapel Rd, North Hampton

New Hampton is home to this $4.2 million home that has eight bedrooms and bathrooms. Located in the Spruces Estates, this 1900 home has been immaculately maintained and expanded throughout the years. The home has a private guest house, garage, and large pool. One of the most attractive features is the wraparound porch. 

Have You Thought About Cash Buyers? 

There’s no doubt about it: the New Hampshire real estate market is on fire. While this means there are lots of opportunities, there are also plenty of headaches and problems with competition. It can certainly be difficult to sell your home quickly and without plenty of expensive repairs beforehand. 

But there’s no need for a stressful (and expensive) experience when selling your New Hampshire home. We buy homes with no need for repairs, saving you money. And we make our offer within 24 hours. Reputable cash home buyers in New Hampshire like Ocean City Development give you the opportunity to sell your house online. Yes, selling a house online is possible. 

You can avoid the hassle of open houses and real estate agents (as well as their hefty commission). No need for repairs before selling, and you get a fair market-based price. With the right cash buyer, you can sell houses as-is

The Answer You’ve Been Seeking

If you’ve had your New Hampshire home on the market for a while now and are confused about why it’s not selling when the market is so hot, now you know the reason.

Enjoy the benefit of high home values in New Hampshire quickly, without any of the hassle involved with the traditional real estate market. With the right cash buyer, they will be able to close within seven days. With the traditional real estate market, you’d have to pay a hefty commission to your real estate agent. There is also the waiting you have to do waiting for the right buyer. 

There are no commissions involved with selling your home to a well-respected cash buyer. Need to sell your home quickly? Contact Ocean City Development today. 

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