Sell Your House in an Undesirable Location

Sell Your House in an Undesirable Location

Do you want to sell your home that is in an undesirable location? We might know just the right way to help you do that, but before, we dive deeper. Let’s discuss a little about why home buyers shy away from homes in undesirable locations.

Selling a home in an undesirable location can be difficult due to being in a bad neighborhood where criminal activities occur all the time or an area where there is a lot of noise and environmental pollution due to industrial factories around. If your home isn’t appealing to the eyes, that will make the sale or offer plunge even deeper to the ground. 

So instead of giving up after trying but failing to sell a home in an undesirable location. Why don’t you go ahead and read the rest of this write-up to learn how you can improve your home sale with our compiled tips on how to sell your home in an undesirable area. You can also consider selling your home to companies that buy houses in Massachusetts if you are in the region.

House in an Undesirable Location for sale

Is It Easy to Sell a House in an Undesirable Location?

It is difficult to sell a home in an undesirable location, especially a neighborhood where tons of criminal activities are going on or one that deals with environmental hazards, because home buyers fear for their safety and the influence the area can have on their kids. However, suppose you have tried selling your home, but several homebuyers always decide not to buy your home after checking it out. The question remains, why do they not buy my house in Boston? Consider the following.

To each buyer, there’s a different perception and definition of what an undesirable location is. Your home might not be located in a gangster area but still be referred to as being in a bad location.


To some homebuyers, a home in an undesirable location could be one located far away from school and bus stops, an area where it’s difficult to hail a taxi, or a house close to the woods. Still, every home has its unique features regardless of its location, all you have to do is find the right buyer to appreciate it.

Tips for Selling a House in an Undesirable Location

We understand that selling your home in an undesirable location can be difficult but if you decide not to sell house as is. Below is some helpful information when selling a house in an undesirable location.

Make Upgrades to Your House

When a house is not desirable to homebuyers due to location, you have to put in some effort to distract their attention from the area and make them more interested in your home. Hence, it would be best to consider making upgrades to your home or sell your home to cash home buyers Somerville.

The first impression lasts for a very long time, so you should make a conscious effort to make a good impression on your potential homebuyers when they come over to check out the house you want to sell.

How can you do this?

Are there cracks or holes on the walls, too many dark rooms, broken window glass, roof leaks, improper lighting, or faucet leaks in your home? You should repair all these defects before showing your home to a home buyer to create a better first impression.

Making the right upgrade to your home can make it more appealing to home buyers and give you a better chance at selling. Here are some upgrades you might want to consider doing to improve the sale of your home in an undesirable location.

  • Equip your home with an alarm system to give buyers a sense of security.
  • Fix all defects such as leaking roofs, peeling walls, etc.
  • Do a thorough cleaning and declutter your home. 
  • Construct a steel front door.

Make the House Stand Out

Is your home one that when someone sees across the street, they are tempted to come over and admire it? If it isn’t yet, you should consider making your home stand out to improve the sale of your home. Several features make a home stand out, and we will discuss them below.

Great architecture: A good structure is attractive and appealing, especially when it’s rare. Although it is hard to change a flawed architecture, we advise that you top the game of your home by repainting, maintaining, and showcasing more of the attractive features of your home if your home doesn’t have a good structure.

Good curb appeal: You might not be able to change the location of your home, but you can wow your homebuyers by the first thing they see when they arrive at your home. A good curb appeal is one of the best ways to create a good impression of your home on your potential buyers even before they enter your home. 

You can decide to repaint woodwork, invest in professional landscaping, add a small patio, or perhaps even create a screen for privacy. 

Stage your house perfectly

Once you have gotten a buyer’s interest with an excellent curb, that should be the icing on the cake. Your potential homebuyers shouldn’t find your home cluttered or untidy otherwise, they might start to lose interest in buying your home.

The real intent of staging your home is to help your homebuyers envision themselves living in your home, making the house as inviting as possible. If you are confused about staging your home, here are some tasks you might want to get done to help stage your home correctly.

  • Get rid of outdated decor and replace it with a simple one. A fresh coat of paint will do.
  • Declutter and clean your home.
  • Stage each room to showcase the functions of the room.

Incentivize Potential Homebuyers

How can you incentivize potential homebuyers, especially since your home location is undesirable?

It’s easy. Find something to motivate your buyers to buy; below are two incentives you can offer potential home buyers.

Lower your price: Before deciding to lower the cost of your home, you should consider if your home is overcharged. Perhaps, your home is, and that’s why you aren’t getting any offers. So, lowering the price of your home is a great way to increase your potential homebuyers and keep your previous interested homebuyers even more curious. 

However, we advise that you shouldn’t lower your price in a way that would leave you at a loss after-sale especially if you have spent money on renovating and cleaning up your home. Ensure you put that into consideration before lowering the price of your home.

Other incentives: Selling a damaged house is difficult because some buyers aren’t interested in spending time or money repairing a home after purchase. They are looking for homes that require simple fixings such as fixing a bulb etc.

If you consider this, you can offer other incentives to your potential buyers, such as credit towards any repairs or offering to cover the closing cost to make them more interested in buying the house. 

woman Highlighting the Positives of the House and Area

Highlight the Positives of the House and Area

There’s no doubt that a house in an undesirable location is challenging to sell, but there’s always something good about everything; hence instead of trying to mask up the undesirable, highlight the positive qualities instead. I.e, the structure of your home isn’t that fantastic, but you have a spacious living room, highlight that instead.

You should ensure you highlight all the positive features of your home to a potential buyer instead of trying to mask the undesirable ones. If your home doesn’t have any positive qualities, get to work and create some.

Being Upfront About the Undesirable Location

Most times, honesty about the undesirable location of your home can pull away a lot of potential home buyers even before visiting the house and allowing you to convince them. However, it would help if you remained upfront about the undesirable location of your home.


It would be best if you remained upfront to avoid lawsuits. These lawsuits can be filed due to the disclosure law, which, although varies across the state, is the obligation of a home seller to disclose any information or defects that can affect the value of a property. 

A home in an undesirable location can be open to many threats such as criminal activities, flood hazards, earthquakes, fire hazards which can all affect the value of the property. Hence, lying or not being honest about the undesirable location of your home can lead to a breach of disclosure agreement.

Although this doesn’t mean you have to highlight or let your actions scream that your home is in an undesirable location but you shouldn’t lie when asked and should subtly disclose this information to your potential home buyers so you won’t be held responsible for any legal ramifications in the future.


Before deciding to sell your home or start making changes and renovations, we advise that you study and learn more about the market. The prices, what homebuyers are more attracted to, and what they aren’t so that you won’t spend money making changes and still end up losing or not finding buyers for your home.

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