Will a Cash Home Buying Company Charge Commission?

So, you’ve decided to sell your house to a cash home buying company. This is a great decision, as cash home buying companies help homeowners to save time and money while selling their houses. However, if you’ve always worked with the traditional housing market, you might be a bit unfamiliar with the processes of cash home buying companies. For example, you might wonder if they charge commission fees. Here are some helpful details about commission costs and closing fees when you’re selling your house for cash.

Working with Real Estate Agents

When you sell your house traditionally, you might use the help of a real estate agent. Real estate agents have lots of great network and industry connections that can help you to find the right buyer for your house. They can certainly be helpful if you’ve never sold a home before and don’t know how to get started. However, the aid of real estate agents comes at a high price. You’ll often end up paying them more than you anticipate, which could cause problems if you have a tight budget for your house sale.

Traditional Commission Costs

When you work with a traditional real estate agent, you should be anticipating a large portion of your budget to pay for commission costs in addition to closing costs and other expenses. They usually charge 5-6% of your entire house price as their commission cost for the sale. This means that you’ll be forking out tens of thousands of dollars from your payment to pay for real estate agent commission costs. There is nothing more frustrating than having to pay $30,000 in commission costs when you’re trying to budget your house sale and close on a new house.

Selling to a Cash Home Buying Company

Do you want to avoid commission costs when you’re selling your house? If so, you should sell to a cash home buying company. Cash home buying companies don’t work with real estate agents because they are an established company that has their own funds to buy houses. This means that they won’t be charging you a cent of commission fees. So, when you request a cash offer from a cash home buying company, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that 100% of that cash offer will end up in your wallet at the end of your closing process.

So, if you’re trying to sell your house without excessive commission costs, remember that cash home buying companies will be your best buyers. Cash home buying companies will purchase any home in any condition for a great cash price, and they won’t charge commission fees. That means that your money will stay in your wallet, and you’ll be able to pay for your next home without financial strain.

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