Get A Fast Cash Offer For Your Home

Can you sell your house for cash quickly without getting ripped off?

There are many reasons you might have to sell your home for fast cash, such as a foreclosure, a sudden job transfer, major repairs, trouble paying the mortgage, and other situations. Unfortunately, some unscrupulous cash buyers might try to take advantage of your need for urgency and offer you less than a fair price.

The good news is you have many different legitimate options for selling your house fast in MA. The following guide details the major options available, including ideal situations for each and how to get the best fast cash offer.

Selling your house fast in Massachusetts for cash is easier than many people believe. Here’s what you need to know:

How To Get A Cash Offer For Your Home in Massachusetts

cash home buyer offering cash for a home

Top Tips for Selling Your House Fast in MA

No matter which method you choose to sell your home fast in Massachusetts, here are a few general strategies you can implement to help avoid any hassle:

Take High-Quality Photographs

Whether posting photos online for ibuyers or sending images to a cash for homes buyer, you want to take clear, high-resolution, and accurate photographs of your home. According to a report from, high-quality photos are the single greatest way to attract interest in a home for sale.

Keep Your Property Clean

If you’re selling a house to a fast cash buyer, you don’t need to deal with any elaborate cleaning, but you still want to keep the general area free from debris such as vehicles, appliances, and other junk that will need to be hauled away.

Get Estimates

Almost all cash home buyers can give you a fast and free online estimate. Shop around all the major options available in your city. Note: you can often get a more accurate estimate if you schedule an on-site inspection, which you’ll want to do if you get several similar online estimates.

Selling to a Property Developer

Generally, developers are more concerned with the land the property sits on than the condition of the property itself. For that reason, they’re often a viable source of quick cash offers because the deal can forgo much of the traditional paperwork and inspections. When considering a sale to a property developer, it’s helpful to know what types of things they typically look for.

First, many property developers want to know the state of the main services such as water, power, sewer, and roads. Typically, they prefer (and will pay more for) working hookups. Connecting services (such as a water line) from the city is often a costly, time-consuming process that developers would rather avoid.

Aside from the immediate property, many real estate investors are interested in the surrounding community. You can typically get more money for selling your house if it’s in a popular area, especially somewhere with good school districts. In desirable neighborhoods, many developers can easily turn a profit by tearing down old homes and rebuilding them completely.    

Finally, try to determine the future of growth in your community as best you can. Is your city growing? Will the demand for real estate in your area increase over the next few years? You might be able to sell for more cash.   

Selling to a Cash Home Buyer

If you’ve ever seen a “We Buy Houses” sign around your town, you’re already familiar with the basics of a cash home buyer.

They’re absolutely one of the best ways to get a fast cash offer. While the roadside signs typically represent the cheaper side of the business, real cash home buyers have elaborate networks of appraisal professionals who can meet you quickly and deliver a fair market value. You can often close the deal the same day you call.

As with property developers, home fast cash buyers typically don’t care about the condition of the home itself. They’re often an ideal solution for selling a home as-is, even if it has code violations or extensive damage. Also, unlike property developers, cash home buyers are typically less concerned with the property values of your neighborhood.

One-Day Discounts for Buyers

You can offer a discount for any buyer who wants to finalize the deal in one day. Typically, this will involve a cash sale with a private individual. It’s often referred to as a real estate “flash sale.”

How much you take off the price will likely have to be negotiable. If the house is in good condition, and both parties agree to a closing date, a major discount might not be necessary because both buyer and seller want the same thing.

However, be careful with this type of deal, especially if a real estate agent or attorney represents the buyer. You’ll want to use an escrow. Alternatively, because the contract for such a large private sale can be complicated, many people prefer selling to a cash-for-home company instead.

Networking with Brokers

The average sold price of a home in Massachusetts increased 11.4% from 2020, but a downturn in the market can occur quickly. Understanding the local market can help you determine the best time to sell your home, regardless of the selling method used. After all, even a cash-for-home business will offer different amounts based on changes in the market, which you can potentially use to your advantage.

A discount broker is a popular alternative to the traditional way. They provide limited services such as contract reviews, listings, and other specific actions you may need. The services of a discount broker can help you estimate how much your house could sell for, and how long it would take, using traditional methods.

Another option is a flat-fee Multiple Listing Service. The MLS is a suite of listings where brokers learn about homes for sale. Although designed for licensed real estate agents, anyone can purchase temporary access to the MLS.

It’s a useful tool if you want to estimate your home’s value based on similar offerings in the area. You can also use the MLS to target buyers looking to pay cash quickly.

Should You Sell to a Cash Home Buyer In Massachusetts?

Everyone’s situation is different, and selling your house via a traditional real estate agent might be too slow, expensive, or complicated. For many people, accepting a fair cash offer makes more sense. Consider the following:

Are You Selling to Avoid Renovations?

The National Association of REALTORS found that 38% of homeowners sell to avoid major renovations or issues with plumbing or electrical systems. While those issues can lower the asking price in a traditional sale, they’re not a concern for most cash home buyers.

Do You Want to Sell Your Home Today, Tomorrow, or Within a Week?

A cash for home buyer is the fastest way to sell your home. Major, reputable homes for cash companies have the staff and expertise to give you a fast, safe, and free offer online. In many cases, you can contact a company in the morning and have cash in hand by the end of the day.  

Inherited property phrase on the wooden key.

Did You Inherit the Home?

A fast cash sale is often the easiest way to handle an inherited home that you don’t want to live in. It’s in your best interest to sell an inherited home as soon as possible, to avoid paying for taxes and upkeep.

Many cash for home companies will either purchase all furnishings or help put you in touch with an estate services company. Selling a home with all furnishings for a flat rate is often the easiest way to divide the value of inherited property equally among siblings.

Do You Want to Avoid Fees?

When you sell a home to a fast cash home buyer, 100% of the profits go directly to you. You can avoid closing costs, inspections, repairs, commissions, and much more. Not only does that put more money in your pocket, but it’s also the no-hassle option for anyone who hates paperwork.

Do You Want to Make Selling as Easy as Possible?

While hiring a real estate agent does work for some people, it can also complicate the home sale unnecessarily. You’ll need to list your house, have it inspected, hold open houses, negotiate with potential sellers, and much more.

With a cash for home buyer, you only have to make a phone call or go online to schedule an appointment.   


If you’re like most people, your home is your single largest investment. The idea of selling it suddenly can certainly seem stressful. Fortunately, you have many safe, well-established options if you want to sell your house for a fast cash offer

Just because you want to sell quickly doesn’t mean you have to settle for a substandard price. Use the techniques above to find the best way to sell your home fast and get the maximum amount of cash in return.

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